Cyndee Greene has been relieving chronic pain for her clients since she started massage in 1996. She studied at National Holistic Institute in their 720 hour program. She furthered her studies in Neuromuscular Therapy St. John method. She has taken other countless classes in Sports Massage, etc. She has crafted her own style from various techniques depending on what is going on with a client when they come in. She maintained a strong client base for several years at her boutique & wellness spa on the Russian River, about an hour north of San Francisco.

Cyndee develops tracking and therapeutic strategies to solve client soft tissue injuries. She is fascinated with unraveling musculoskeletal problems such as back and neck pain, rotator cuff injuries, sprains and strains, headaches, sports injuries, and stress-related conditions. She utilizes Sports, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Swedish massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, PNF Stretches and Trigger Point, to soothe muscles and relieve muscular tension, providing deep relaxation and a sense of renewal.

Cyndee has also developed her skills in looking beyond the issues associated with repetitive movement and physical ailments, and looks at what is and is not working in a client’s life.  She also has a unique intuitive way of looking into what may be the soul’s needs. Pain is there to tell us we need to be doing something differently.  Whether it is physical or emotional, or both.  She begins to help you reweave your story.  She has extensive experience working with individuals in transition, bereavement, and trauma recovery. Her deep listening skills are combined with intuition and practical application.

If you would like to learn more about her Soul Work, check out her blog.